December 31, 2007

my 2007.

Wow. What a year ! And how time flies. It's been a great 2007. Alhamdulillah I'm still breathing. Ups and downs, lost and founds. I guess they don't matter now. Glad to have my friends by my side. Glad to keep in touch with Keyla, Farah, and Asyraf. I felt stupid for kinda ignoring y'all these past few years. I'm thankful to my beloved percussion mates, Syafiq Bumper (Stiffler), Matt (thanks for blocking my face in the newspaper!), Adam (jackass pal), Andrew (love his strips and FALLS. lol), Zayed (patah kaki), Mahmood (bassdrumer penang), Suveenther (tits), Ahvinesh (very fresh), John (my specs!), Irfan (Mammoto, Arigato, Madonno), Azfa (hot), Amirul (brownies), Nazmi (Korea. Haha!), Hafizh (bulu), Faizal (bahu). Y'all are the best ! Not forgetting my friends in SGGS, Elina, Shazana, Aida, Farah, Adilah, Afeya, Mira, Sya, Nabila, you girls made my year. Oh yeah. my juniors, Ali Imran (thanks for the swinging momments), Azim, Pravind (on youtube dude!) and others. My 'company at the padang', Jufri, Hafizh, Aiman, Safiq, Adzdzin, Zaki, Zuhdi, Muiz, Syamir, Navnith, and Gautham. Fun playing with y'all. My one and only iPK pal, Arshad. Thanks for being there. Bashirul Khan (hensem woh). Geng 3C, Elfy (taiko kot), Anas (dicintai sofea), Husaini (teman jiwang sehidup semati), Danial (Teloq), Idham (bendoi), Izuaf (Fauzi and lembu), Ridhwan and Nazirul (Rhadi and Zain, dah kawen kot). From SMKBJ, Zhafri (kasanova x complete), Khairil (chicken pox), Asmira (carrot comel), Arif Roslan (nasi kandaq kot), Alex (Rap to Rock), Anis (emo x habeh), dan yg lain. Geng 'before the holidays', Farooqi (kepala kot), Hussain (kepala gak kot), Akhbar (kembaq), Abidin (kembaq), Tadzkiran (Mamu), Iqram (org panggey susu), Aznil (aka boy), Tanzil, Syamim. Wow. The names can go forever. Sorry for those names that i didn't mention.
Peace out 2007. You won't come back.


December 22, 2007

second post. here we go.

okay, raya Qurban has past,
and today I cooked 10 slice of chicken burgers.
the 1st one burned. XD the rest was OK.
hahahaa. Mum and Dad went to visit Kak Ina,
so..I'm left at home with my 2 sis and Afiq.
now, my parents are still not home.
good thing I got burgers.
aite..time to munch down some chicken.


December 18, 2007


ladies and gentlemen,
my name is Muahahaha.
ehem. Muhammad Aizat Bin Hashim.
My Blog. yeeeaah !