October 15, 2008

it's hard to think.


icshaguivehruiofg owahviurayhfiowfvunhasufaisufoia sdioh vusahoiva.


September 19, 2008


Alhamdulillah. :)
god bless you all.
thank u for being with me.
i hope i can be there for y'all too.

September 14, 2008

the life on my lane.

it's all good. people around me are happy.
but to those who aren't. cheer up.
no use being sad forever. life's to short.
open up yourselves to the world.
and wen u realize hope is beginning to fade,
surrender yourself to destiny, surrender to fate.
because life is just a short run.
the finish line awaits all of us.
no use worrying ur life away.
we all end up the same, dead. lifeless.
the world is full of lies.
take the run yourself. don't hesitate.
the past is over now, it's gonna be fine.

September 09, 2008

hu em ai tu heyt.

sumtimes i just feel uncomfortable,
even with ppl that seemed close to me.
like hell i dun like to feel it.
maybe its just hate.
but who am i to hate?

August 18, 2008

jiwang turun langit time hujan

tadi hujan. aku sejuk.
tadi pagi pukul 7 lebih bgn tidoq.
mandi2, smua, hantaq sms kat.. :)
pastu p band ngan muka ngantuk n rambut botak.
bla bla. pastu hujan turun. time tu nak p break.
nak beli makan kat shell. tapi hujan cam adik kiamat.
hahahaha. pada2 la. amek payung jagdeep pastu,
senyap2 blah sorang takmau bg org ikut.
satg kantoi. matt ngan anas gedik mai tumpang payung.
tak cukup besaq la. habeh smua basah.
ok pastu dah setel beli. lari marathon balik band room.
banjir laut indu kat sana. kasut basah, p sidai.
pastu sejuk.

ish x best la blog kali ni. hahaha.
dah ada 'sum1'. bek cerita kat dia.
hahahahahhahaha. wat jiwangggg. :D

July 30, 2008

here comes retardation. & wtf.

i dont like when this happens.
internet slow gila. DAMN.
UP2 dah habes. tgk results, surely DAMN.
running low on cash. also DAMN.
resisting the use of stronger curses, DAMN.

and DAMN. guess what?
this is haunting. it happened just now.
its kinda creepy but hell yeah it was cool.
this number called my cell, 046551065.
so i picked up. and said hello.
i heard no reply. all i can hear is a man, dude or boy,
crying. i was like wtf? i said hello again and again.
no answer. all i can hear is his pathetic whispers of tears.
and his gasps of breath. the call lasted about 1 minute.
then it ended. so wtf?

July 27, 2008

im not feeling this situation.

but u dont have to believe me.

July 05, 2008

let's talk about what i wanna talk about.

people say the world is coming to an end.
we all know the day will come. we all understand.
no one is ready to leave. no one is ready to die.
perhaps it'll only matter when it's time?

in this world we live in today, almost nothing matters.
its sickening. everything's a disaster.
girls wanna be boys, boys wanna be girls.
what the hell is going on in this world?

a serious issue. but never taken seriously.
is there anyone to stop this catastrophe?
well maybe we're all just messed up immensely.
or is this world just a place for the wealthy?

pollutions everywhere, we fill our lungs with them.
diseases ascending, no cure, no antidote for them.
our temporary lifes are taken for granted.
throw our lives away, make sure everybody's wasted.

the leaders nowadays sure can talk their ass.
political competition, fighting to be the best.
damned mortals. wake up and realize, everybody dies.
can you drag your authority with you to the seven skies?

so have we lost it? why are we all torn apart?
it's not about being different, sane or insane.
its about living together with love in our hearts.
think why are we taking life as a game.

June 30, 2008


hello world.
nothing's up.
i'm just helpless when she smiles. :)

June 05, 2008

come one come all.

PFS Blast! 2008

Venue : Penang Free School Hall
Dates : 11th & 12th July
Time : 8:30pm - 10:30pm
Tickets : RM12 or Rm20

please contact me for further details.

msn : aizathashim@hotmail.com

May 10, 2008

oh mama.

happy mothers day. :D
tq for the world mum.
sorry for everything.

April 06, 2008


it's already april.
oh god, how time flies.
i don't believe i'm ready for anything.
i've been fooling around too much.
plus, kinda busy with band.
my first monthly test; i screwed it.
the next one's just 3 weeks away.
damn. gotta go.

March 31, 2008

thank you, dad.

you taught me plenty.
and i've been letting you down.
all i can say is sorry.
i write this while we're still around.
all this time. you never surrendered.
you've always wanted me to be the better.
everything you do is only for the good.
i try to follow your steps, if only i could.
i try to make you proud.
time and time again.
you kept me from dark clouds.
and the cold, heavy rain.
i know we ain't living the easy life.
like we used to back then.
but we've got everything we need.
doesn't matter, i understand.
dad, it's you who shaped who i am.
and you are the only man who can.
you're always there to make me feel strong.
please forgive all the things i've done wrong.
i open my eyes, and now im glad i can see,
all my life, so many things you've shown me.

March 27, 2008

the idiot we trashed. :)

one unlucky fool pulled the trigger of me and arshad today after our cross country. the story begins when we went to her shop to get some snacks. that damn lady came to me shouting "ini barang bukan free kena bayar punya!" as i pointed my finger at one pau. i was like hell what? i kept calm and just look at arshad with a blur face. then arshad opened fire saying "dekni nak juai ka xmau, bek tutup kedai". i bought the pau anyway. then, after a while, the idiot kept looking at us two with her wrinkled face. we can tell, she wants hell. so we mess around with her. arshad and me trashed her place up. then she came like a bull to pick up the rubbish we threw on the floor. later, azman opened the fridge to take one water bottle he wished to buy. the lady said' "jaga dia jaga dia!" almost as loudly as lee yu im. then arshad raised hell by staring her face for quite some time. she was looking at arshad's face too.
we calmed down. but we knew we should have started a riot. these idiots just care about money. i say go to hell. we only came here because it is the only store there. so don't think your store is so good grandma.

we'll be back.

this ain't over.

March 01, 2008

just another distraction.

Everywhere I go, I'll be missing you,
To make you smile is what I'm trying to do,
For every minute I try to keep you off my mind,
Time goes by, and I get left behind,
Each day I wake up, I fall back to sleep,
Thinking of you all the time drowns me so deep,
Looking through your eyes, and all I can see,
That every shit I dream of will never ever be,
Why do I love you, when your love's not true,
And why do I care, there's someone else in you,
Staring at the same moon, sharing everything we feel,
Truth is you never stared, never cared, and never will,
It sucks to know that I'm holding on to nothing,
But it's better yet than not even knowing,
Right now I just have to keep it together,
So the world won't know, I'm just a dreamer.

yours truly,

February 03, 2008

the Attack of the Deadly Flying Insect From Beside the Ever So Dirty Penang Free School Pond.

Location: PFS Pond Site.
Time: Around 5:00.
Mission: Bring Down Enemy's Base.

The weather was fine. Just like any other Tuesday evening. With me was Ali Imran, the best side-kick anyone could ever have (yeah right). After band, Ali and I departed from the band room and went to the pond to wait for my mom. As we waited, I got bored and invited Ali to walk around the pond like freaks. Just as we were crossing the pond, Ali spotted one ugly tree trunk, or something like that. He, didn't expect anything to happen, kicked the ugly thing. Then, to our horror, (0_o) insects, kinda like small wasps, attacked us. (They did nothing more then stick to us really). We called for a return and ran back to our base, or hideout, whatever you may call it. We planned out strategies, formed a hypothesis, analyzed and interpreted the data, and marched out towards the enemy with rage and well, hoping for revenge? With our blazer as protection, we began by knocking the enemy's base with wood. we tried many times, and failed on all attempts. We didn't give up. Fall back to our base and planned a different approach. Water, Pond water. YUCK. As swampy as Makalele's towel, as smelly as Kevin Federline's odour, we scooped the pond water and launched a number of splashes to the foe's base. They swarmed out and stick to us. We were badly wounded. Ali thought about doing Kamikaze, but I stopped him. We retreat with open wounds and insect sticking in hairs, Ali's 'helmet' and my ear! We rested for a minute and then bought roti from mamak. Then we got back to our base. Ali and I now, still waiting for the Last Stand, because my mom came and I need to go.


January 28, 2008

MPO in KL.

yeeaaah ! what a trip. i'm glad mama said yes. i arrived right on time. everybody got up the bus. we took off. trip was kinda long. asmira called me. but i couldn't hear cause the radio was loud as hell. took us about 9 hours to reach KL dowh.
there was a major traffic jam at the highway. some kind of double decker tipped over or sumting. apek waved at one sissy and SHE waved back. lol. and so, we reached the hotel, got our rooms, me, irfan and mahmood. and our 'second room', anas's bash's and hafeezat's room. lol. we quickly unpacked and set up irfan's ps2.we played wwe like hell. then bergayut. jammed 'Hey There Delilah' and recorded. Plain White Tuala was born. XD. Irfan's girl's gang ronda2 kat floor kami. gedik. The next day, got up, had breakfast, saw wawa, sam, alex, and mira. i ate with irfan, and seludup some sausages. XD then we went straight for the MPO. very nice show. VERY. Ronda2 around there, bash ajak me, anas and irfan merempat beside the box office. hahaha. later on, we went to NSC. did some crap here and there, i ronda'd with bago. then took some pic with bash with the cool smoke thingy.watched apek and anas battle brainwaves and bla bla. next, we went to OU. got lost with anas. couldn't find the bowling alley. :p
finnally called bash for 911. and tada! played pool with mahmood, hizwan, and anas.
the bowled with bash, anas, dm, mahmood and the 2nd bus driver. my score was only 99. lol. then went back to hotel. played ps2, threw sausages out the window, laughed like idiots. burung berak maggi. hahaha. had dinner with my roomates. irfan's father's treat. walked around outside the hotel. next morning. got up late. missed breakfast. went to the pool with anas. splash around with the band members. craaazy. almost everybody got thrown in. thought we would go to mid valley. but the fag 1st bus driving fool wanna go home early to watch AJL. what a *&*@$!! reached home at 7 sumthing. what a tiring weekend. but i really enjoyed it to the max! i'm really looking forward for another trip like this!

January 20, 2008

the Beggining of School.

wooooaaah! gimmie a break.school starts, everything else, ends!
great, very great.
extra classes, homeworks, tuitions, meetings, sports.
whew. at least i can still live to online.
and my teachers. talk about possessed!
they all think we students are their frickin dogs.
not forgetting the UNBREAKABLE school rules,
and damn prefects. what the hell is wrong with em?
i got booked for wearing a black belt.
that's fine. i know it's against the rules.
but they told me to take it off? hah!
my pants are frickin loose you morons!
sure, i'd be happy to walk the school with my underwear exposed!

well, i'll get used to my senior school life.
good thing i've got friends by my side.
and oh yeah. Happy birthday to Shazana Wazir. :D