January 28, 2008

MPO in KL.

yeeaaah ! what a trip. i'm glad mama said yes. i arrived right on time. everybody got up the bus. we took off. trip was kinda long. asmira called me. but i couldn't hear cause the radio was loud as hell. took us about 9 hours to reach KL dowh.
there was a major traffic jam at the highway. some kind of double decker tipped over or sumting. apek waved at one sissy and SHE waved back. lol. and so, we reached the hotel, got our rooms, me, irfan and mahmood. and our 'second room', anas's bash's and hafeezat's room. lol. we quickly unpacked and set up irfan's ps2.we played wwe like hell. then bergayut. jammed 'Hey There Delilah' and recorded. Plain White Tuala was born. XD. Irfan's girl's gang ronda2 kat floor kami. gedik. The next day, got up, had breakfast, saw wawa, sam, alex, and mira. i ate with irfan, and seludup some sausages. XD then we went straight for the MPO. very nice show. VERY. Ronda2 around there, bash ajak me, anas and irfan merempat beside the box office. hahaha. later on, we went to NSC. did some crap here and there, i ronda'd with bago. then took some pic with bash with the cool smoke thingy.watched apek and anas battle brainwaves and bla bla. next, we went to OU. got lost with anas. couldn't find the bowling alley. :p
finnally called bash for 911. and tada! played pool with mahmood, hizwan, and anas.
the bowled with bash, anas, dm, mahmood and the 2nd bus driver. my score was only 99. lol. then went back to hotel. played ps2, threw sausages out the window, laughed like idiots. burung berak maggi. hahaha. had dinner with my roomates. irfan's father's treat. walked around outside the hotel. next morning. got up late. missed breakfast. went to the pool with anas. splash around with the band members. craaazy. almost everybody got thrown in. thought we would go to mid valley. but the fag 1st bus driving fool wanna go home early to watch AJL. what a *&*@$!! reached home at 7 sumthing. what a tiring weekend. but i really enjoyed it to the max! i'm really looking forward for another trip like this!

January 20, 2008

the Beggining of School.

wooooaaah! gimmie a break.school starts, everything else, ends!
great, very great.
extra classes, homeworks, tuitions, meetings, sports.
whew. at least i can still live to online.
and my teachers. talk about possessed!
they all think we students are their frickin dogs.
not forgetting the UNBREAKABLE school rules,
and damn prefects. what the hell is wrong with em?
i got booked for wearing a black belt.
that's fine. i know it's against the rules.
but they told me to take it off? hah!
my pants are frickin loose you morons!
sure, i'd be happy to walk the school with my underwear exposed!

well, i'll get used to my senior school life.
good thing i've got friends by my side.
and oh yeah. Happy birthday to Shazana Wazir. :D