January 20, 2008

the Beggining of School.

wooooaaah! gimmie a break.school starts, everything else, ends!
great, very great.
extra classes, homeworks, tuitions, meetings, sports.
whew. at least i can still live to online.
and my teachers. talk about possessed!
they all think we students are their frickin dogs.
not forgetting the UNBREAKABLE school rules,
and damn prefects. what the hell is wrong with em?
i got booked for wearing a black belt.
that's fine. i know it's against the rules.
but they told me to take it off? hah!
my pants are frickin loose you morons!
sure, i'd be happy to walk the school with my underwear exposed!

well, i'll get used to my senior school life.
good thing i've got friends by my side.
and oh yeah. Happy birthday to Shazana Wazir. :D

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