February 03, 2008

the Attack of the Deadly Flying Insect From Beside the Ever So Dirty Penang Free School Pond.

Location: PFS Pond Site.
Time: Around 5:00.
Mission: Bring Down Enemy's Base.

The weather was fine. Just like any other Tuesday evening. With me was Ali Imran, the best side-kick anyone could ever have (yeah right). After band, Ali and I departed from the band room and went to the pond to wait for my mom. As we waited, I got bored and invited Ali to walk around the pond like freaks. Just as we were crossing the pond, Ali spotted one ugly tree trunk, or something like that. He, didn't expect anything to happen, kicked the ugly thing. Then, to our horror, (0_o) insects, kinda like small wasps, attacked us. (They did nothing more then stick to us really). We called for a return and ran back to our base, or hideout, whatever you may call it. We planned out strategies, formed a hypothesis, analyzed and interpreted the data, and marched out towards the enemy with rage and well, hoping for revenge? With our blazer as protection, we began by knocking the enemy's base with wood. we tried many times, and failed on all attempts. We didn't give up. Fall back to our base and planned a different approach. Water, Pond water. YUCK. As swampy as Makalele's towel, as smelly as Kevin Federline's odour, we scooped the pond water and launched a number of splashes to the foe's base. They swarmed out and stick to us. We were badly wounded. Ali thought about doing Kamikaze, but I stopped him. We retreat with open wounds and insect sticking in hairs, Ali's 'helmet' and my ear! We rested for a minute and then bought roti from mamak. Then we got back to our base. Ali and I now, still waiting for the Last Stand, because my mom came and I need to go.



syaa said...

wow. that's one heck of an insect. i mean, INSECTS. and oh so brave you are. im amazed. YOU'RE ME HERO ! HAHA :P

aizat hashim said...

LOL. syaa!

Tessa said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

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