March 01, 2008

just another distraction.

Everywhere I go, I'll be missing you,
To make you smile is what I'm trying to do,
For every minute I try to keep you off my mind,
Time goes by, and I get left behind,
Each day I wake up, I fall back to sleep,
Thinking of you all the time drowns me so deep,
Looking through your eyes, and all I can see,
That every shit I dream of will never ever be,
Why do I love you, when your love's not true,
And why do I care, there's someone else in you,
Staring at the same moon, sharing everything we feel,
Truth is you never stared, never cared, and never will,
It sucks to know that I'm holding on to nothing,
But it's better yet than not even knowing,
Right now I just have to keep it together,
So the world won't know, I'm just a dreamer.

yours truly,

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