March 31, 2008

thank you, dad.

you taught me plenty.
and i've been letting you down.
all i can say is sorry.
i write this while we're still around.
all this time. you never surrendered.
you've always wanted me to be the better.
everything you do is only for the good.
i try to follow your steps, if only i could.
i try to make you proud.
time and time again.
you kept me from dark clouds.
and the cold, heavy rain.
i know we ain't living the easy life.
like we used to back then.
but we've got everything we need.
doesn't matter, i understand.
dad, it's you who shaped who i am.
and you are the only man who can.
you're always there to make me feel strong.
please forgive all the things i've done wrong.
i open my eyes, and now im glad i can see,
all my life, so many things you've shown me.

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