July 30, 2008

here comes retardation. & wtf.

i dont like when this happens.
internet slow gila. DAMN.
UP2 dah habes. tgk results, surely DAMN.
running low on cash. also DAMN.
resisting the use of stronger curses, DAMN.

and DAMN. guess what?
this is haunting. it happened just now.
its kinda creepy but hell yeah it was cool.
this number called my cell, 046551065.
so i picked up. and said hello.
i heard no reply. all i can hear is a man, dude or boy,
crying. i was like wtf? i said hello again and again.
no answer. all i can hear is his pathetic whispers of tears.
and his gasps of breath. the call lasted about 1 minute.
then it ended. so wtf?

July 27, 2008

im not feeling this situation.

but u dont have to believe me.

July 05, 2008

let's talk about what i wanna talk about.

people say the world is coming to an end.
we all know the day will come. we all understand.
no one is ready to leave. no one is ready to die.
perhaps it'll only matter when it's time?

in this world we live in today, almost nothing matters.
its sickening. everything's a disaster.
girls wanna be boys, boys wanna be girls.
what the hell is going on in this world?

a serious issue. but never taken seriously.
is there anyone to stop this catastrophe?
well maybe we're all just messed up immensely.
or is this world just a place for the wealthy?

pollutions everywhere, we fill our lungs with them.
diseases ascending, no cure, no antidote for them.
our temporary lifes are taken for granted.
throw our lives away, make sure everybody's wasted.

the leaders nowadays sure can talk their ass.
political competition, fighting to be the best.
damned mortals. wake up and realize, everybody dies.
can you drag your authority with you to the seven skies?

so have we lost it? why are we all torn apart?
it's not about being different, sane or insane.
its about living together with love in our hearts.
think why are we taking life as a game.