July 30, 2008

here comes retardation. & wtf.

i dont like when this happens.
internet slow gila. DAMN.
UP2 dah habes. tgk results, surely DAMN.
running low on cash. also DAMN.
resisting the use of stronger curses, DAMN.

and DAMN. guess what?
this is haunting. it happened just now.
its kinda creepy but hell yeah it was cool.
this number called my cell, 046551065.
so i picked up. and said hello.
i heard no reply. all i can hear is a man, dude or boy,
crying. i was like wtf? i said hello again and again.
no answer. all i can hear is his pathetic whispers of tears.
and his gasps of breath. the call lasted about 1 minute.
then it ended. so wtf?

1 comment:

E n a S u h a i l i said...

looks like u have a stalker dudeee! better watch out!