January 27, 2011

so close to what i'm feeling.

January 21, 2011

the UK.

the Big Ben, London.

seems so far away huh? but it's worth a shot. :)
what if its my luck to continue with my degree there?
i'll be really happy. mum would be really proud,
and father, he'd be prouder. haha. i wish i could grab the chance,

it's expensive. so all i can hope for is a scholarship.
well, we all can plan. but the best planner's always Allah SWT.

i can hear UK calling me. Matt if it's going to be so, it's a blessing to see you again.
but first i gotta finish 3 years in Malaysia.
wish me luck, pray for me.

January 15, 2011


sorry for over-reacting guys.

January 13, 2011

i'd like to think that i'm just unlucky.

ever had a feeling of being down so low, and nothing cheers u up anymore? well i doubt u do cause what a great time ur having while i'm here still giving excuses to be alright, been up at night to just catch the feelings i deserve, feeling so sick of so sick,
i never wanted all this, sucks to think, talk, and even write here about it, i just wanna look deep in your eyes, i wanna know if you're happy all this happened. what we had was a parade before the pain, the sunshine before the rain, i'd give it all to see u fly. i felt the beating of my heart, felt helpless as we depart, i felt the love, felt the hate, felt the beauty in all your lies,
felt every ounce of tear we shed, like glass, maybe. trashed and scattered, pieces break so small, u just wanna let it be and not fix it. everything's just passing right before my eyes, and ever since, i've never felt more alone in my life, this is the biggest fall i'm taking,

still taking..

scared no more, because i know it wouldn't get any worse,
i'm just going to walk through all we've ever known,

i'm going to..

i'd like to shut up here.

January 07, 2011

to akil zafran hanif bin hameed


January 03, 2011

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January 02, 2011

check this people, if you have the time. :D

please oh please leave your comments. :D