February 10, 2011

here's to the past: Old Cars.

hi fellow readers! i've been checking out some old cars lately so i figured, why not post 'em here. you guys check 'em out too, let me know what you think, i'll upload the photos on facebook, too. i'd probably add the prices when i'm done checking later.

ok so let's have a look. :D

this is the BMW 2002 Turbo. sweet aint it? but it has 2 doors, not that practical, but it's a nice looking ride.

it's the BMW E30. love this ride, it has that elegance and a great symbol of power. white seems like a nice colour for it. :) it's a 2 door car.

the classic mini cooper s. most people favor this car, nice look small and affordable. looks good with racing stripes on 'em.

this one's called FIAT 124 of the year 1968. classic car, classic look. would love to drive around town in this car.

the CLASSIC. Mercedes Benz W123 Sedan. would you marry me if proposed you with this car? :D it's beautiful.

Opel Kadett LS. similar to other cars of it's age. has that down to earth look if you were to drive it around today. :)

the Opel Record. eye catching machine. stylish and grand looking. i'll be the king of the world if i have this car. >:D

the great Volkswagen Van. what more can i say of it? everyone wants one! :D

well, that's that. i couldn't find daddy's car though, the old datsun. let me know what you guys think. :D
thanks for reading guys, till then.

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