May 07, 2011

my name is; the freestyle.

my name is aizat but you can call me the best,
i'm all about them words, and i couldn't care less,
about what you have said, or what you're going to say,
cause when the light shines on me, you can try another day,
in a way, well we can tell the end from the start,
you only rap from papers but me, i rap from the heart,
yeah you got nothing on me haters i'll get back to you soon,
you got no light when it's dark man i shine like the moon,
go home and study yourself before you try to hate me,
cause i did nothing to you, and i didn't ask you to rate me,
cause i know my own rating, and it's more than five stars,
you don't know me yet, you don't even know who you are,
get a pencil, go and write down something better for yourself,
here, take the mic back too so you wouldn't sound like you're twelve,
what? oh you need help with that? of course!
try starting your line with, 'hey dude i'm just another poser because..'

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